Surfacing Solutions

PlaySafe Surfacing can assist you with the following:


 Artificial (waterless) grass

Artificial waterless grass turf is being installed more frequently as a safety surfacing option. Artificial waterless grass has many advantages such as safety, cleanliness, lower maintenance, and an attractive appearance.

 Wet Pour Rubber

Wet Pour rubber is a pour in place surface that is made of rubber granules that is very durable and resilient.  It can be installed in difficult areas in a number of various colors in fun shapes and designs.   We can create challenging features such as hopscotch, animal and fun shapes, and creative bike tracks. There are no sharp edges, it is likely to reduce injury from falls, it is easy maintenance and highly flexible.

Soft Fall (known as impact layer)

Soft Fall is an impact absorbing layer that is laid under the finished surface of your play space.  This may be in the form of rubber, shock absorbing pads.  Soft Fall surfacing is required to meet The Australian Standards for playground safety.


The correct and suitable playground surface is very important.  It must meet the Critical Fall Height for playground safety, it must be safe, fun and challenging. Contact us today to discuss what option will best suit your needs.