Tired of the endless need to care for your lawn? Is your lawn dead or dieing with harsher water restrictions every year?

Here is why Top Quality Artificial Grass is for you. 

Artificial Grass; All Australians want their own patch of green. In most cases, this is not achievable. Excess heat, water restrictions, lack of sunlight, high traffic areas; Time and cost are all reasons that prevent business and homeowners, from achieving the luxury of a lush lawn. We at PlaySafe Sands invite you to jump onto our side of the fence, where the grass is guaranteed to always be greener with zero or minimum maintenance.

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Top Quality Artificial Grass

Benefits of  Artificial Grass?

  1. It Is Beautiful and Requires Almost Zero Maintenance.

The artificial lawn has come into its own. It is available in many textures and shades of green to blend in with your existing surroundings and look completely natural. The aesthetics of grass products whether outside, or indoors add a streamlined sense of natural beauty. Designed to replicate not only the look but the feel of real grass. Without artificial grasses you have peace of mind knowing they have been tested for UV stability and heavy metal content.

  1. Comes in Various Thicknesses and Shades of Green

High-quality synthetic turf can be custom fitted into most areas, to suit your requirements and space restrictions. It is not only beautiful and long-lasting but can match to suit even the most difficult space and color-matched to suit your design brief.

  1. Landscaping Playgrounds

Artificial, waterless grass is the perfect playground solution. It comes in many colours to complement your playground design. It can be cut to any length required and is safe, durable and will look great for many years to come. The extensive range available is designed to have fibres that are soft underfoot making synthetic lawn the preferred choice of early learning centres and schools.

Best artificial lawn

Synthetic Lawn for Sport Facilities.

The specialized range of synthetic grass is the ideal choice for all sporting applications. From football fields to putting greens there is an artificial grass that will suit. UV tested and durable, will require little to almost no maintenance for years; To come making it the surface of choice, for all local councils.

Commercial Applications.

It can be cut to any size making it ideal for commercial spaces. Some examples include shopping centers, commercial display areas; Also, corporate displays and child care centers. There are many solutions and options, to suit any application or possibly needs. With its low maintenance and longevity, your areas will look certainly professional; All year-round.

You will never have to mow the lawn or buy fertilizer again! Artificial grass does not care about water restrictions so you will never have to pay a fine to keep your precious investment from dying.

  • With no end in sight to the current drought can you afford NOT to invest in fake turf? With a synthetic lawn, you never have to worry about lawn diseases, weeds, and pests or muddly puddles from feet. In the long term, you will save on fertilizer, water costs, pesticides and overall maintenance costs all while giving you more time to do what you want to do.
  • Life expectancy, is at least 15 years. Is environmentally friendly as it negates the emmisions from a lawnmower. As fertilizers and insecticides are not needed reduces ground pollution. All turf product saves a lot of water; In Australia’s drought crisis, this is the biggest advantage of all.
Grass installation
Hot in summer? Or not?

As a synthetic material, the synthetic lawn doesn’t have the cooling properties of natural grass; However, any radiated heat is nowhere near as hot as other materials used for landscaping such as concrete, pavers, decking or stone. In Australia’s harsh climate and with many educational institutes following sun-safe practices. Most outdoor activities are limited; During the hottest part of the day or alternative shade sails, are erected over these areas.

If you are looking for a perfect solution to your lawn woes;
Here is why you should need only the best quality, for supply and installation services by experts.

Furthermore, there is an artificial grass solution to suit all your needs. Likewise, Landscaping and pool surrounds. Sporting areas and suited to all your commercial and unique projects. It is also, safe for bare feet and bare paws. As a result, there is always one ideal product for any commercial or, any domestic need.

  • If you don’t want to worry about the cost or maintenance of real grass artificial or synthetic turf is your answer. If you have natural grass you will most probably have to replace it every few years – especially in high traffic areas, areas with little sunlight or when pests invade.
  • Artificial lawn isn’t a living landscape so you won’t have to give it another thought for at least 15 years. Garden equipment that is petrol-powered contributes to air pollution.

Fertilizers and pesticides also enter the ground and pollute the health of the ground and can pose a danger to young children and pets. Artificial grass does not require any of these elements in order to grow and look lush. It doesn’t require watering but can be easily rinsed down should it become excessively dirty. Consequently, becoming ever more popular for being environmentally friendly, cost-effective and low maintenance. The new generation of all these amazing products looks so good, you won’t even know its not real.