1) Sandpit Solutions. 

We are the sand experts! We will top up, clean, remove or replace sand in the most efficient means possible. We also create and build innovative sandpits that can be incorporated into your outdoor space. We will inspect your sand space free of charge and will work with you to recommend the suitable solution.

Sandpits provide many hours of fun and natural play for children. The sandpit provides an excellent opportunity for Social, Emotional and Language development. Children improve their communication skills during sand play. It enables them develop their fine and gross motor skills as they dig, build, scoop and carry the sand.

  • Maintaining and topping up the existing sand. Our specialized equipment will sift the sand to remove debris such as broken glass, stones, leaves, bark, animal droppings, and general litter. We can also top up the sand levels for safe play and to minimize tripping hazards.
  • Replacing the existing sand. This is needed when the sand is in poor condition due to improper or overdue maintenance. When sand is contaminated we will dispose of the old contaminated sand, wash and disinfect the sandpit structure, and refill the sandpit with new sand.
  • Renovating the sandpit. This service is recommended when the functionality of the sandpit has been compromised due to excessive water retention, underground drainage issues, ground levelling issues and structural damage.
  • Building a new sandpit. Are you planning on constructing or revamping your playground? Talk to us today about designing and creating a functional and sustainable sand play space.

In addition to these services we supply custom made Sand Pit Covers to preserve and prolong the life of your sand. We also supply Pole Protectors and Post Pads for safe play.

About Sand Hygiene: It is important to note that unclean sandpits have the potential to cause hazards to children.

Sandpits can become contaminated when animals, particularly cats, and even children use them as toilets. Toxoplasmosis can be spread from animal droppings to humans in unclean sandpits. Children may become infected when putting dirty hands in their mouths. Insects can also live and breed in damp sand and may bite or sting children.

The Microbiological Hygienic Quality of sand is important. In addition to removing hazardous items and leaf litter, regular sifting allows light and oxygen to penetrate the sand. This assists to disinfect and freshen the sand and helps avoid anaerobic conditions (some which can be toxic). As a result of sifting, hardened sand is broken down resulting in softer sand.  A comprehensive Risk Assessment should include a regular, professional maintenance program of all sand areas.

2) Playground and Landscaping Maintenance Solutions.

PlaySafe Sands can transform a blank canvas into a children’s oasis.  We can recommend the types of plants and materials suited to your space. Outdoor areas should be inviting, adventurous, creative, sustainable and safe. We believe that children’s creativity should be nurtured and outdoor spaces need to encourage imaginative play.

The use of natural elements such as rocks, sand, and timber complement functional design to enable a dynamic and engaging child friendly play space. We also provide landscaping maintenance to ensure the longevity of your playground space.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Landscaping Maintenance, Consultation and Design
  • Landscape and Playground Construction
  • Paving
  • Park and Reserve Maintenance
  • Mulch/Bark Top Up
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Customized Storage
  • Customized planter boxes

3) Surfacing Solutions.

Choosing and installing the appropriate playground surface is vital. According to statistical data, more than 55% of injuries in playground are due to a fall.  It is imperative that shock absorbing, safe surfaces are installed in children’s play areas. PlaySafe sands will consult with you to ensure that your centre has the ideal surface that is not only fun and dynamic but safe.

Artificial (waterless) grass

Artificial waterless grass turf is being installed more frequently as a safety surfacing option. Artificial grass has many advantages such as safety, cleanliness, lower maintenance, and an attractive natural appearance.

Wet Pour Rubber

Wet Pour rubber is a pour in place surface that is made of rubber granules. It is very durable and resilient.  It can be installed in awkward areas, customised fun shapes and designs in various colours. We can create challenging features such as hopscotch, animal shapes, and customised bike tracks. There are no sharp edges, shock absorbing assisting to minimise injury from falls and low maintenance.

Soft Fall (impact layer cushion)

Soft Fall is an impact absorbing layer that is laid under the finished surface of your play space.  This can be either form of rubber, shock absorbing pads or custom made according to the area’s requirements. All Soft Fall surfacing meets The Australian & New Zealand Standards for playground safety, including Critical Fall Height. Contact us today to discuss what option will best suit your needs.

4) PlaySafe Shading Solutions.

It is essential that childcare services, schools and councils provide sun safe outdoor areas. We’ll design shade sail solutions can transform a sun-filled area into a comfortable sun safe space.

Shade sailing provides sun protection and heat reduction by cooling the ground. There are many options to consider when deciding on your shade system. We will consult with you and provide a free on-site measure and quote.

Some of the shade options we provide:

  • Shade Sail
  • Shade Canopies
  • Shade Umbrellas
  • Shade consultation, design, supply and install

5) Beach Cleaning Services.

PlaySafe Sands offers sand sifting options for public and private beach fronts. We can service all areas from a public beach to the smallest waterfront. If your area is hard to reach, inaccessible to large machinery and in need of a facelift, call us to discuss what we can do for you.

6) Sport Facility Cleaning Services.

We can assist with all your maintenance needs with the following:

  • Golf Course Bunkers
  • Equestrian Centres
  • Beach Volley Courts
  • Long Jump Pits