Sandpit Speaks a Universal Language.

Children have always had a thing for sand play. They are naturally drawn to sand for the way it feels and for what they are able to do with it. They want to play in the sand, run their hands through it, bury their toys in it, smell it, construct with it, and explore their imaginations with it. Sand has the potential to be a one-stop-shop outdoor play experience. No child or child care center should be without their own specialized sand pit area.

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Considering how beneficial sand play is for the social and emotional growth and development of children, it is only appropriate that every learning institution from child care centers to schools should have a sandpit for the kids. Children don’t need to go to the beach to explore and learn with sand as you can have a playground designed for all your needs. All the children can have the opportunity to learn vital social skills with directed play or be free to explore their own imaginations.


Playing in the sand can have significant benefits for children.

As natural element sand is inviting, tactile and has the potential for open-ended play opportunity.
Sandplay gives the children an avenue to build cognitive, social, and physical skills.

  • Giving children freedom of playing in sand helps them to build developmental concepts and spark their creativity. Sand has the potential to soothe by providing a relaxing medium to play with for children with emotional and sensory issues, promoting calm.
  • Have proven to be a great way for refugee children in schools who don’t speak any English to make vital friendships and communicate with other children. All children love sand and a sandpit creates a place for them to come together to communicate, socialize, work together, share, be creative and gives them to see how other children are being creative.
Wooden sandpit

There is no limitation, to how much fun kids can have in a sandpit and learning while they do it!

They have the freedom to explore their imagination and creativity in the sand. The following are just some of the great experiences children can have with sand.

  1. Sand writing: children can learn and practice to write in the sand. This is a good way to develop language and writing skills and promote both gross and fine motor skills. Spread a layer of sand over a flat surface and explore writing numbers, letters and words.
  2. Sand drawing: drawing in the sand is the most enjoyable play of all! Give the children the freedom and opportunity to create designs and shapes in the sand and express their emotions. The sandpit can be transformed into a beautiful and colorful art gallery by introducing different mediums, utensils and sand toys. This fosters creativity, hand/eye coordination, and fine motor skills.
  3. Add sand props to help the learning along: sand is not just about spades and buckets! Additions to your sandpit are only limited by your imagination! You can pretend to cook in the sand with utensils and ingredients you find in the garden like flower petals, leaves, grasses, and even pebbles. Think dry pasta, add water and stir!  Create some sensory sand art and an art gallery. Add toy cars, make race tracks, drag large combs through the sand.
Sand pit constructions

Playground constructions and smart solutions.

You can bring the beach and sand that your child loves so much to your child care center or school by having a sandpit constructed. This construction will give children a contained and supervised sand space that is limited only by the imagination.

  • The addition of sand toys only makes it more fun with the inclusion of props, including sifts, scoops, cardboard tubes, measuring cups, cardboard tubes, small rakes, cones, cars, and other toys. Having such props enhances both fun and learning. This allows the children to invent games and accomplish goals.
  • You can always trust PlaySafe Sands to handle your playground areas, in your early learning and school centers. PlaySafe Sands in NSW is all about constructing a safe and educational sandpit for children of all ages that conform to Industry Standards. They specialize in playground solutions, for all educational centers and schools while adhering to safety guidelines.
PlaySafe Sands was founded by a Preschool Director, who recognized the importance of a safe and clean playground for children.

They deal in the cleaning and maintenance of school sand areas and sandpits, playgrounds, golf bunkers, beaches, sporting facilities, and equestrian centers. Part of the services offered includes the removal of broken glass, animal droppings, stones, wood chips, cigarette butts, syringes, and all sorts of litter.

The cleaning and clearing performed by PlaySafe Sands are the maintenance solutions to all your playground needs.  It is vital t to keep the sandpit clean, safe and well maintained.

Outdoor play
How to keep your sandpit safe.
  1. Keep it covered when it’s not in use. This will prevent animals from getting into and avoid leaf litter.
  2. Rake and clean the sand regularly to keep the sand fresh and clean. Rake the sand to remove leaves, wood, stones and large clumps of dirt.
  3. Shade the sandpit where possible to ensure sun-safe sand play.
  4. Keep the sand dry to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, mosquitoes, and parasites.
  5. Make sure the children wash their hands after playing in the sand.
Important Things To Consider.

When considering the construction of a sandpit you need to engage the services of a professional such as PlaySafe Sands. Constructing and maintaining, to ensure strict compliance and adherence to safety measures is ensured when you enlist the services of a professional company. PlaySafe Sands the leader in this industry.

Additional services offered by PlaySafe Sands.

  • Playground Solutions: We specialize in cleaning, removing, replacing, and topping up sand for playgrounds. We construct innovative sandpits for your outdoor play space and conduct a free inspection of your sand space.
  • Landscaping Solutions: We can transform a blank canvas into a kid’s arena. We make recommendations about materials and plants suitable for your space. We offer professional consultation and process design.
  • Surface Solution: Maintaining a safe and appropriate surface and soft fall solution, is important when constructing or renovating a playground.
  • Outdoor Shading: PlaySafe Sands constructs shade solutions to suit your design brief and area.

PlaySafe Sands is all about creating sandpit and playground solutions. See our website for testimonies from satisfied customers.