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Beach areas are so much fun and can be very relaxing with beach cleaning services, as a mandatory rule. Are you lucky enough to own a beach side property with your own private piece of beach paradise? Just you, lots of sand and the deep blue of the ocean on a very good day.  Life doesn`t seem to get much better than that. Is your beach in need of a little tender love and care? Do you have time to clean it? Do you know how to clean, it so it looks its best; And offers you a beautiful place to relax and enjoy your me time or, time with the family. With the unexpected wild weather conditions, the east coast of Australia experiences; There is no surprise that our beach front properties, are looking less than their best. Beautiful one day not beautiful the next.

Rainfall is the major driver of pollution. Water currents have a way of washing up all sorts of treasures, like general rubbish and plastics;  Metals, paper, glass and all sorts of debris. Beach sand is littered with particles of broken shell, microscopic organisms; Silt, and other tiny debris  and could spell disaster. For the maintenance and enjoyment of your beachfront. The Beachwatch program monitors the quality of the water but who monitors the quality of your sand and beach front?

Beach cleaning services

Unclean Beaches do not support a Healthy Ecology.

Seeing that most of the rubbish, or more specifically; Plastic waste ends up in the ocean and our waterways, we can conclude that they contaminate not only the water. But the water surrounds – even if we can’t see it. Sealife is not the only thing affected by pollution.

  • The most common pathogens found in the ocean are bacteria, protozoans, and viruses.
  • In fact, studies have shown that hundreds of marine creatures ranging from tiny turtles to large whales; Even seabirds have mistaken the litter in the ocean, and on beaches for food.
  • This results in stomach blockage, poisoning and other health hazards to them. In essence, our rubbish is a source of danger to sea life.

In as much as the ocean, has the ability to “repair” and clean itself; That “auto repair” function has, a limit. Keeping our section of beach clean is very important. We need to play our part, and keep our area of beach front clean to limit what gets washed back into the ocean.

Popular Beach in Sydney

Top 5 Beaches In Sydney

Here are the top 5 beaches in Sydney

  1. Tamarama Beach

This is one of the busiest beaches in Sydney and one can always catch a good sight. Right from the surfers to people who come to have fun and right down to bodyboarders. There’s also a kiosk available where one could get fresh juice. It is located on the eastern side of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is most times called Glamorama, by nearby residents as people come there to sunbathe; Catch fun, swim or just try to be seen.

  1. Bilgola Beach

You can locate Bilgola at the bottom of a hill, just behind some palm trees. If you don’t look or check closely, you just might not see it. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the northern side of Sydney. It also has a cafe where one can order drinks, ice cream, snacks, magazines and so on. There’s a fishing area, showers, picnic spot and parking lot. Everyone who goes there is sure to have a lot of fun.

  1. Freshwater Beach

The Freshwater beach is the most popular beach and the birthplace of Australian surfing. It is located in Freshwater in New South Wales. It is a great beach for beginners surfers as there is a lot to learn from the surfers. Also, to the regular people who just want to have fun, there’s a lot to do. There are so many recreational activities, shows, Jacuzzi, food and drinks cafe and lots more. There’s also the popular Pilu restaurant where you can have a fabulous lunch.

  1. Bondi Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Australia and this makes it overpopulated most times. It is home to nearby residents, visitors as well as tourists from all over the world. Offer a great section to swim and different food cafes. There’s the Brown Sugar, Icebergs, Bloody Mary’s and Bondi Hardware.

You can locate this beach a few kilometers away from Sydney’s business center. It is a great treasure as it is used for recreation, sports, and tourism.

  1. Manly Beach

You can find Manly in the northeastern area of Sydney. Popularly known as a “nature reserve of waves” by the World Surfing Reserves, Manly is a great beach for surfing as well swimming. Visitors to the beach enjoy certain things such as showers, stores, cabins for changing, toilet facilities and so on. There are also hotels around, where visitors could lodge and the location of the beach makes it very convenient and easy, to locate. You could have a lot of fun at Manly with your friends and loved ones.

Sydney sand beach

An Unclean Beach is an Unhealthy Beach, Especially for You and Your Family.

There are numerous contaminants in both the water and in the sand. Contamination with fecal matter, from both animal and human sources,  is common; And can impact significantly, on the beach users’ health. Exposure to contaminated sand areas can cause gastroenteritis, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach-ache, nausea, headache and fever. There is also a risk of eye, ear, skin and upper respiratory tract infections. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Sandy beach areas are dirtier than the ocean waves. Keep an eye on your children, to make sure they don’t get sick from putting sand from their hands in their mouths. Bacteria typically found in human intestines have been identified in our beach sand. Sand has 10 times more bacteria than the water nearby.

How Do you clean sand and keep it clean?

If you are the owner, of a private beach; There are a number of ways to ensure you keep your sand areas, are clean and risk-free. The best way to ensure the safety of this area is, to engage a professional for the best Beach cleaning services. They are the experts in sand cleaning and maintenance, for both your commercial areas; Such as Equestrian sand pits for training horses, or your private beach hideaway.

There is no easy solution to cleaning sand when there is lots of it! At PlaySafe Sands we have specialized sand sifting machines to ensure thorough sifting, cleaning and aerating of your sand area. Removing all traces of rubbish and debris particles is the first step. The machine aerates and returns the sand free of these particles. Aerating the sand in the process ensures oxygen is introduced into the process, which helps break down bacteria present helping nature take its course.

Conclusion – Beach Owners and Goers Beware!

Beach sand contains more fecal bacteria than ocean water! The sand is far worse than the water. Sewage contamination is a real threat because sewage decays more slowly on the beach than in the water. There is a reason why it is recommended to rinse everything, from toys to feet after you have been to the beach. PlaySafe Sands is available to ensure you keep your slice of heaven, as clean and hygienic as possible; And also so you play your small part, as an environmental warrior. © 2020 – Beach cleaning services.