Ensure the safety of children by installing a Waterless grass.

Playground is one of the most loved places for children. It offers children the freedom they do not get indoors. Aside enjoyment and fun, outdoor activities also help in developing leadership quality, developing thinking ability and   understanding social norms and values. It is therefore important to design and construct a colorful playground.

When it comes to designing and construction of Waterless grass playground, there are many important factors that need to take into account. There is a greater chance of injury and accident while playing. It is therefore important to make the playground as safe and comfortable place as possible.

Installing superior quality, high standard and durable playground equipment is not enough to ensure the safety of your children. Waterless grass is also important to provide children a safe, enjoyable and fear free environment for playing. The playground surface must meet the critical fall height in order to ensure the safety of the children.

When talking about a safe playground surfacing, there are several options to choose from. Let’s see the options available for safe playground surfacing.

Waterless grass.

Waterless grass is widely used by companies, schools and communities. The installation of artificial waterless grass has several advantages. It not only enhance the appearance of the playground, but also well for safety purposes. This type of surfacing also requires low maintenance and cleanliness services.

Soft fall.

Soft fall is also known as an impact absorbing layer. This type of surface is laid under the finished surface of your play space. This type of surface may be in the form of shock absorbing pads and rubber. When installing the soft fall layer for playground surfacing, it is important to ensure that it will perfectly meet the Australian Standards for playground safety.

Wet pour rubber.

This type of playground surface is made up of rubber granules, which is very resilient and durable. It can be installed in various different areas and are available in a number of designs, shapes, colors and sizes. This type of surface is highly flexible and very easy to maintain.